Carefully researched that all products we sell have a calming Effect.


Dr Roga is Dr Calm in Hebrew
Established from a person name Daniel Nosrati who used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder. He began as a Anxiety Life Coach and now the Owner/ CEO of this company. He build his team from his social media podcast page
. During the Lockdown he offered Free Life Coach people from Africa, India, Philippines and America. Understanding the situation and Under dark times he manage to save up and give the time to educate and guide when people need it the most!! including me :)  As he always says, "Do what is right not what is easy" loves to share his knowledge of Urban Meditation. Watching simple videos of ASMR and teaching
CBT Helpful Techniques. When we first had a virtual meeting of me from the  U.S, I suffered from leaving the house. He told me something very important. That are mind is used to being very stress. and what will need to do is work on healthier mind habits, and it has definitely helped me. I recommend him not only because I work for him, but also as a person who was dealing with disabling anxiety that didn't let me to live life. 

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